Sunday, 4 December 2016


Medusa is my new creation this music utilizes soft piano, synthesizer, drum loops, percussion, and traditional bass and drums.

This is not a new approach but rather a return to my creative origins, with a more predominate chillout and electronic vibe instead of a more classic dance house style.

I’ve taken the liberty to inspire myself on artists like AIR and Massive Attack maintaining an originality and signature that relates to my oldest creations. This music is not meant to catch your attention but only to set a mood, if possible to take you on a journey of thoughts and feelings.

Saturday, 23 July 2016


MyTV is my latest creation and like my previous production, “The Moon Lover” this track follows on a simple construction dynamic.
This understated simplicity is by no mean a negative factor, by the contrary, I believe that this brings the music to an all new level.

MyTV samples were built on top of a cool bass riff. In fact the bass can be heard throughout the entire track and serves has the main vibe to it.

This music is more of an experience and also a look back to my older creations when I was into a more chillout, alternative sound.

Hope you enjoy,

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Thursday, 14 July 2016


The logical thing to do is the most unexpected and irrelevant one. When you think that you are in command the universe tends to balance himself.
Why struggle to challenge this when you know that there is no alternative to what will unfold?
Or is there?
I, for what is worth, will keep challenging the future. Why? Simply because I can… Maybe there is no point but this way life is a lot more fun, and who doesn’t like fun.

The Moon Lover is a simple music, not much happening here but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like this track. By the contrary I really love it and I believe its stronger point is its simplicity.

We can define this track has deep house, trending to a more commercial vocal vibe and club dancing style.
A strong simple beat complemented by a melodic bass sets the tone to this music. The monotony of the track is interrupted by an off tune synth and some vocal samples.
In order to give more substance I decided to include some piano riffs, this addition allowed for richer and full sound that perfectly complemented the track vibe. Some twist at the end and there it is, The Moon Lover, a simple beautiful track.

Hope you enjoy,

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016


There are times when life gives you a chance to change. Better put, life forces you to change.
It’s normal that people accommodate to the simple facts of life, don’t take risks and fall into the web of monotony. And you can keep going for ever in this never ending loop of inactivity.

The time has come and now I have the chance for changing, the chance of doing things differently.
Although I lack the courage life has taken care that I don’t have a choice and with that have the responsibility to act and face all the challenges that the upcoming future has in store for me.

Deep inside I knew that I needed to change, I knew that it was A QUESTION OF TIME.

This track is an example of change. Absolute Love takes all my years of music production and condenses into a music that reflects all the feelings and vibes that drive my motivation to create something new.

From nothing to something the difference is the will, and this will to create something new from nothing is what makes this track special.

Hope you enjoy,

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Submotion, CLassic House Music

Submotion is my latest production. This track follows on the same trend as my last music creation, Ensemble.

Submotion has a more chill out house vibe with an Ibiza beach midday groove. The music structure is simple but nonetheless original. This is a shout out to my music roots, being that a more melodic, jazzy, classic house mix.

Hope you enjoy,

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ensemble & needin' U

I've took inspiration on some old 90's pearls
Hello World Wide Web, it’s been some time since I posted new stuff. Well here I am, returning with some new original music winch I gladly share with you.

This time I have a small production that I’ve created during some away time from home called Ensemble. For this track I’ve took inspiration on some old house music like the 1998 David Morales hit needin’ U, this retro vibe mixed with some new and modern groves created an interesting mash of sounds.

For my surprise this track ended being a very pop and danceable one with a very characteristic piano riff that carries the entire music and definitely gives it personality.

In terms of structure we can say that is a very traditional one. The music is divided in three parts blended in a progressive build has new samples are added to the track.

In the end I’m very happy with the end result. This track definitely represents a moment in life and for that will always be one of my favourites.